Modbar Co-Founder Moves On to Summon Quality at Conjure Coffee


Great coffee often manifests itself in unexpected ways, and with all the various chemical reactions and organic transformations it undergoes from seed to cup, it would seem from an outsider’s view to be the work of many conjurers, summoning magical forces that culminate in a tasty cup.

This idea is reinforced inside a new Fort Wayne, Ind., roastery café called Conjure Coffee, whose service bar is centered on a custom white Modbar under-counter installation, a stylish design that’s frozen in a perpetually surprising emergence up and out from the countertop.


Yet there’s a science to essentially every aspect of coffee, and at Conjure Coffee especially, the magic can and will be explained to anyone who asks. Even the Modbar, which was practically invented by Conjure Coffee founder Corey Waldron, who was also a founding partner of the Modbar company, and of the Jet Steam espresso machine company whose prototype never made it to market but did evolve into what’s now known as the Modbar.

Waldron maintains an ownership stake in Modbar, which is headquartered just a couple miles down the road from Conjure, but hasn’t had an active role in any part of it since about April of 2015.

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